Ours is a dilapidated building, awaiting transformation. Health and safety is vital in our warren of empty rooms, uneven surfaces and unexpected corners. So we do need signs; but how to present them without seeming too official? The last thing any museum wants is for children to walk into a space with ?no’ written on the walls. So we’ve been trying to come up with signs that deter people from doing things that they shouldn’t be doing, without coming across as hostile or authoritative.








For our exhibition ?Rochester’s Extraordinary Story Loom’, we needed to keep people out of unsafe places but make sure that the signage stayed in keeping with our humorous side.

Even legally-required ?no smoking’ signs get the Story Museum treatment…









We aim to be playful, while getting our message across. It’s not always an exact science: one sign stated: ?If you go in here, a dragon may appear ? so maybe you should steer clear’ and often had people trying to open the door and see the dragon!

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