Third in our series of blogs from the Story Museum, Oxford who will be hosting our meeting of Happy Museum Commissions on 15th November…

Our first exhibition, ‘Other Worlds’ in May transported visitors to more than 20 different imaginary places turning our large dilapidated home into a giant story-related art installation. As part of their travel around the building, we invited them to write comments on specially designed luggage labels and tie them to the stair railings. Visitors responded to this more imaginative departure from the normal form filling by providing their own inventive feedback, which delighted us. Here are a few examples:

  • The Story Museum is like the little door Alice comes across in the wall. Boring reality on one side. Fantastic magic on the other.?
  • The place sounds like a 3-D advent calendar: you open up the windows and find something different behind each one.?
  • The Story Museum is like the most favourite bits of the inside of my head.?
  • An amazing and inspiring exhibition. I think I will go home and write a story.?

We’ve now adopted this approach for other public events.








Welcome to The Story Museum


We’re looking forward to welcoming the Happy Museum community to The Story Museum on November 15, both existing and newly commissioned members. This picture was taken when we were unveiling early plans. Pictured are Lucy Neal, left, and Story Museum co-director Tish Francis.

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