Emerging from the first two years of a global pandemic, museums face a host of immediate and pressing challenges – the effects of the pandemic, rising energy prices, pressure on funding streams and more. These combine with wider and deeper challenges including the climate and ecological emergency, systemic inequality and social injustice.  

We have noticed a shift in awareness and engagement with these issues across the cultural sector: museums are now responding with greater urgency and boldness. 

At Happy Museum, we see this as a critical moment to re-consider the role of museums in creating a resilient and regenerative society: facing current realities whilst bringing a positive, imaginative and future facing frame.

To address this shift, HM seeks to support and collaborate with others and to create new programmes and projects with museums working towards civic and social change.

Building on 12 years of HM learning and on our recent peer-learning and conversation programme, No Going Back, we have revisited our Story of Change and refreshed our Manifesto.


Members of our new Steering Group and Community of Practice share their responses below ….

What does this mean to you/ look like from your perspective? 

What steps have you taken/ what actions have you seen other museums take or done yourselves which respond to this frame? 

What opportunities does it open up?

What might be the challenges?

Do share your responses with us on twitter @happymuseumproject or by emailing us at happymuseumproject@gmail.com.