CreaTures/Happy Museum pointers to making change

Making a better world calls on us to work towards positive cultural change – above and beyond essential reduction in our carbon footprints. Cultural institutions and workers can lead a shift towards re-envisioning worlds, connecting with others and fulfilling lives through finding new meaning (and lead a shift away from individualism, materialism and consumption). We have a vital stake in transforming society to liveable futures.

We are delighted to share this analysis and pointers for making change – drawn from combined learning of the Happy Museum Project and the CreaTures research project which, supported by 3 years of funding from EU Horizon 2020, investigated the potential of creative practices to support positive eco-social change.

We believe that creative practices have great – and as yet untapped – power to support humankind in the urgent task of shifting cultures towards sustainability. Uniting our research (on the potential of creative practice and culture to respond to ecological crises).

We invite you to consider our findings, share your practice and pool experiences for maximum influence.