Reading Museum & Town Hall is well known for its landmark building in the centre of Reading and is part of Reading Borough Council’s cultural services. Reading Museum is a trusted advocate and influential agency through which communities are active in shaping public policies that advance well being within a sustainable environment.

Reading Museum is part of the 5 year project looking at.


  • Where’s Reading Heading – Reading MuseumWhere’s Reading Heading - Reading Museum
    Where’s Reading Heading?, Reading Museums, 2014-15 This project looked at the past, present and future development of Reading. It sought to provoke debate about how Reading will sustain a growing population and build a successful low carbon economy whilst ‘Narrowing the Gaps’ between different sectors in its communities. As an early project update describes, through ‘Where’s Reading Heading’ Reading Museum researched the ...
  • Revealing Reading’s Hidden History – Reading MuseumRevealing Reading’s Hidden History - Reading Museum
    Reading Museum, Revealing Reading’s Hidden History, October- March 2013 Residents of the Oxford Road, Norcot and Newtown areas of Reading joined the ‘Reveal Our Hidden Histories ’ project to explore the hidden heritage of their areas, and to instill a more positive sense of place in Reading. The project drew on alternative historical narratives of clay excavations, red brick heritage, manufacturing and ...