The Lightbox gallery and museum in Woking is a cultural space in the South East. The building has three gallery spaces and is home to ‘Working’s Story’ an interactive museum of the town’s history.

The Lightbox is also taking part in our 5-Year Study


  • Waste Not… – LIghtbox, WokingWaste Not...  - LIghtbox, Woking
    Lightbox, Waste Not…, 2014-2015 Waste Not… invited local communities to give stories and photographs and objects connected with keeping old things, reuse, repairing/maintenance, new uses and forgotten uses! The project culminated in an exhibition and was supported by a programme of public events and workshops on the theme of recycling and waste. The project aimed to contribute towards change in attitudes ...
  • Landscapes of the Mind – LightboxLandscapes of the Mind - Lightbox
    Lightbox, Landscapes of the Mind – 2012-2013 The ‘Landscapes of the Mind’ project involved nine participants with mental health issues.  The purpose of the project was to increase the shared ownership and decision making between museum staff and participants as a model for the way the museum operates. The project also sought to challenge perceptions about mental health issues and the ...