Measure What Matters

Fazeley Studios Birmingham 1st March 2016, 10-5pm

Our third Happy Museum ‘Measure What Matters’ event is a holistic look at evaluation in museums.  From tools to transformation, the day will combine practical instruction on Happy Museum tools, whilst applying strategic approach to organisational change. It is targeted at staff who are able to influence continuous improvement at a strategic level but who are still involved with the nuts and bolts of making it happen.  The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Think about evaluation holistically, in terms of Plan Do and Review rather than as a retrospective exercise
  • Share tools which use light touch and creative approaches and show how they can create robust evidence
  •  Brief participants on using our LIFE survey (for Learning, Interaction, Feelings, & Environment)
  •  Brief participants on a UK wide initiative we are leading to develop a set of core KPIs for museums with policy-makers, funders and other museum networks
  • The agenda is in three parts.  Each will include presentations followed by practical exercises with Happy Museum tools.
  • Planning – using diagnostic tools and a Story of Change approach to developing services that will create impact
  • Delivering – understanding approaches to gathering evidence before and after delivery (baseline and review) that will evidence that impact
  •  Reviewing for social value – two approaches to reviewing social value; one which compares services internally in the museum and one which is place-based, working with partners in a town or neighbourhood.

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