Abergavenny Museum, founded in in 1959, is set in the grounds of a Norman castle. The museum is funded by Monmouthshire Country Council run as part of a group including three other local museums.

“We are a small team with four permanent officers working across three museums. There’s lots of cuts and insecurity at the moment. The Happy Museum project gave us a little boost at a difficult time. We are trying to become a more resilient team. We have discussed the Happy Museum principles and ethos and they have guided and influenced what we do.”

Abergavenny Museum


  • Weaving WellBEEing – Abergavenny MuseumWeaving WellBEEing - Abergavenny Museum
    The Weaving WellBEEing project at Abergavenny Museum helped visitors to make connections between locally-made objects, craft skills and the environment. By having a greater understanding of the materials, skills and the time involved to make things, visitors will were encouraged to leave the museum challenging our unsustainable throwaway society, appreciating our place within the natural environment. Weaving and the art of ...