The Weaving WellBEEing project at Abergavenny Museum helped visitors to make connections between locally-made objects, craft skills and the environment. By having a greater understanding of the materials, skills and the time involved to make things, visitors will were encouraged to leave the museum challenging our unsustainable throwaway society, appreciating our place within the natural environment.
Weaving and the art of beekeeping were the focus of the project tapping into current but underdeveloped collections and strong local traditions. The museum invited communities in Abergavenny to connect with the collection and each other, be actively involved, take notice of their surrounding environment, and encourage themselves and others to keep learning and give something back.


Vision & Purpose

Empowerment and co-creation – working with different people, and the same people in a different way.Change; an unafraid changed organization.More freedom, More aligned, More creative.


  • Young carers produced quality weaves and    experienced ‘flow’ –  ‘the busy with your hands thing’.
  • Transition town and museum now working together.


  • Budget cuts and distracting priorities.
  • Drop out of some participants.