Seven Stories is an accredited museum with National styling, dedicated to British children’s literature in the UK. Children’s books and our collection holdings are at the heart of all our activity, enabling us to work with young audiences to originate exhibitions and programming. Looking forward, we are revising our learning & participation policy to advance our goal of empowering children and young people to explore ideas of self identity, empowerment and citizenship with innovative interpretations and opportunities for new work or creative responses to be made.  A strategic partnership with Newcastle University is helping us to think in new ways about the societal issues that face us all and to evaluate our work, helping to measure how our programmes are making demonstrable impact on defined outcomes. Our biggest challenge is to consolidate our activity onto one site, as we do not yet have a permanent home for our growing Collection. We are in the early stages of envisioning a new capital project, with stakeholders from Newcastle University and the City Council. Consultation with the Happy Museum Network would help us to test ideas and develop a sustainable model with people and collections at its heart. Opportunities for peer learning provided through the Happy Museums Network would help to support and inform current work to develop our practice and to re-image Seven Stories.