Encounters Arts - Museum of Now basket on rocks

In the midst of ecologically challenging times it feels vital for Encounters Arts to be amongst organisations with a shared ethos and principles. In a recent partnership with Torbay Museum we created the Museum of Now which revealed unique insights into human life in South Devon through performance, exhibitions, gatherings and craft. Six artefacts were created that reflected local contemporary concerns and Torquay Museum has accessioned four of these artefacts as objects of ‘social historical importance’. Through recent Elevate funding from ACE we are developing Museum of Now as a model for working with other museums. Affiliation with the Happy Museum will offer us insights into the concept of Stewardship which is a growing focus of our overall work –  what can be gained by looking back at how we lived to look forwards at how we might live in the future – and how we can expand our understanding and practice, especially at bioregional levels.