Inviting you to consider joining the Steering Group of Happy Museum

Happy Museum invites people to think afresh about the role of museums by asking fresh questions; offering different perspectives and responses; and stimulating and supporting change towards our vision:

To re-imagine museums for a sustainable future by fostering wellbeing that doesn’t cost the earth.

Happy Museum has now entered a partnership with Julie’s Bicycle and seeks to recruit a small Steering Group (up to six people in the first instance) to help shape HM’s strategic direction and open up new opportunities. Steering Group members will actively contribute to HM’s work through, for example:

  • Advocacy and support, sharing the work of the HMP – speaking at events, being a vocal supporter and highlighting the importance of embedding HM principles;
  • Creating Connections, participating in a thriving and vibrant community of practice, making links and recognising opportunities to build and develop activity;
  • Reflect and Review, offering practical insight and tangible applications of the HM principles.

We are seeking Steering Group members with these qualities:

  • Able to think and act strategically
  • Managing risk and complexity
  • Dispassionate
  • Balancing courage with control and challenging where needed
  • Strong interpersonal awareness
  • Communication skills to engage diverse stakeholders, broker relationships and networks and act as a spokesperson for HM
  • (with others) overseeing the work of the Director and other freelance team members
  • Legal and financial oversight
  • Future thinking/legacy.

We are keen to include:

  • Members of Happy Museum’s Community of Practice
  • People from beyond the sector and from different disciplines/expertise
  • A diversity of age and background, and diversity of ideas/ perspectives
  • An international dimension.

If you are interested in joining the Steering Group and feel you have these qualities, the document below has full details including guidance on submitting a short Expression of Interest (deadline 3rd May 2021)