Happy Museum are delighted to announce our new collaboration and partnership with Julie’s Bicycle.

Together, Julie’s Bicycle and Happy Museum seek to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and climate resilient cultural sector which fosters the wellbeing of people, place and planet.

We do so by advocating for the role of culture in transforming the conversation and translate it into action. We seek to inspire, catalyse and support creative engagement and responses; we share and build skills, knowledge and resources for change.

Happy Museum set out to be an ongoing project – our goal was not to become an organization. We work with and through our Community of Practice. We collaborate with many others including Common Cause Foundation, Culture24, Culture Declares and Playful Places. We are actively involved in the Co-Creating Change network and the Alliance for Culture Health and Wellbeing. We are currently running No Going Back, a commission within the Season for Change programme building on the particular power of museums to draw on past stories of rapid transition and transformation; and inspire museums and their communities to shape new stories and actions to address the climate and ecological emergency.

This collaboration enables us to fulfil our purpose, widen our reach and deepen our impact. Julie’s Bicycle provides financial administration and organizational support.  Julie’s Bicycle is committed to Happy Museum and supports our endeavours. Our aims are aligned and both organisations’ work is ultimately in service of a liveable climate and nature.

As part of this new partnership we are currently recruiting a small Steering Group to help shape HM’s strategic direction and open up new opportunities.