Following on from our earlier sessions, the other four models were also unleashed on an unsuspecting public during February half term! Here is some information about the first two models with reflections about the second two models to follow.

1. First was a co-delivered Timestack where the facilitator was joined by a veteran. Although Timestacks are part of our daily delivery programme, the inclusion of someone with real wartime experience gave a completely different dynamic. It was discovered that visitors asked very different questions than they would usually.  It was very well received and enjoyed by everyone who took part; in fact both the facilitator and the veterans said they would be delighted to regularly deliver this model.

2. Next was a more playful approach, where a trolley of hidden objects was pushed around the Main Exhibition Space. Visitors had to guess what object was beneath the sheet by asking questions that received only a yes or no answer, then once the object was guessed they were told more. Younger visitors really enjoyed this approach and saw it as a game. They had a great sense of achievement when they guessed correctly and seemed more inclined to find out more about the object afterwards. We were particularly delighted when one young lady then took part in a craft activity and drew the three objects, writing an informative description next to each one.

Helen Grice, Interactor