Happy Museum is delighted that their part in a broad campaign to have culture and the arts recognised as a contributor to personal wellbeing has led to a rethink of the way that the Office for National Statistics is building its framework for measuring wellbeing.

The recent Government-sponsored consultation on the way that national wellbeing was criticised for recognising ?what people do at work’  as a contributor to people’s wellbeing while the influence or content of their leisure-time activities was ignored.

The ONS notes that significant numbers felt that the proposed framework was inadequate for measuring the contribution to wellbeing made by the arts, culture, sport, spirituality, religion, faith and access to green spaces, and will be analysing these and other gaps in more detail and exploring ways of filling them with a view to publishing a revised framework in summer 2012.

A summary of initial findings from the consultation can be found on the ONS website HERE.

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