Our communities are diverse and complicated. They are muddled and made up of individuals who share, disagree, find common cause or show indifference to each other. Some neighbourhoods are diverse, some are monocultural to the point of exclusion

The result is an aversion to exploring difference and conflict, and a lack of understanding that communities have multiple identities which overlap or disconnect, based on elements such as family, neighbourhood, culture and nation. We cannot bridge divides unless we acknowledge they exist.

Museums enjoy high levels of public trust; they can be the bridge between opposing value systems, exploring difference but promoting those qualities humans have in common. Museums must use their unique qualities as hosts of well-liked civic spaces, their ability to use the long view of history to explain our current position; to show where we’ve come from and where we might go. The role of museums as conveners in a contested world is more vital than ever – as places to bridge divisions, if not here, where?’

Tony Butler – Director, Derby Museums

Working in this vital frame, Happy Museum is delighted to announce a new workshop exploring how museums can work with values to address social polarisation and connect communities.

The workshop will be hosted by the Museum of the Home in London on 7th Febuary 2020.

Read more and book tickets here.