It is a simple but powerful truth that most people care deeply for other people and the places where they live.

But – tragically in our increasingly polarised society – the majority of us underestimate the extent to which our fellow citizens care about these things. Yet when we hold more authentic perspectives of others’ values we are more likely to report deeper connection to our communities, support action on social or environmental challenges, show greater motivation to become engaged in wider, collective actions, and feel higher wellbeing.

As museums and cultural organisations, we are among the most important places where the values of compassion, connection and community may be expressed and strengthened. How might we cultivate these values, and create opportunities for people to express, share and experience them with others? How might this work help address social polarisation and help our communities come together for the common good?

Happy Museum is delighted to announce a new workshop exploring how museums can work with values to address social polarisation and connect communities. The venue is the Museum of the Home on 7th February 2020.

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