Leeds Art Gallery

Museums are about stories. Stories can be comfortable bedtime tales or challenging moral fables. Stories are social, and they are better shared. We want to be openly active in our communities ad build stories together.

Leeds Museums and Galleries, as the largest local authority museum service in the country, we welcome over a million visitors a year through the doors of our nine museums and galleries, or on outreach in the local community. What would happen if we made all those individuals and families a little more resilient because of their visit? A little more playful? Or encouraged them to be a little more experimental? How would we do that? How could we measure that? We believe that being an affiliate of Happy Museum will help us to develop as a service, share and grow stories, by using the framework as a reflection and planning tool. We believe that working within a local authority gives us more power and influence to change the city as a whole by working alongside Housing, Health and Social Care, Regeneration, Children’s Services and Environments and Neighbourhoods