In early 2018 Happy Museum joined Culture24, 64 Million Artists and Battersea Arts Centre on Lets Get Real 6 as partners in an action research project investigating the impact of digital technologies on social impact in Museums.    Inspired by a blog written by Sejul Malde of Culture24 Museums doing digital and museums doing good — can we forge a connection?

We were excited by the opportunity to explore the Happy Museum Project’s thinking and ethos in a digital sphere. and in particular to exploring two of our principles, Be an Active Citizen and Pursue Mutual Relationships, through a digital lens.

As the project draws to a close, Hilary Jennings, Director of Happy Museum reflects on how a focus on active citizenship impacted on digital and analogue practice.   Meanwhile Jo Hunter of 64 Million Artists explores how thinking digitally might help us act democratically.

Digital platforms expanded reach and connection, building links between people and cultural organisations, and bringing new insights and agency to the work of these organisations.