The Beaney is an art gallery, museum, library and Cafe situated in the heart of the historic city of Canterbury. The building takes its name from its benefactor, Dr James George Beaney, who died in 1891 and left money in his will to the city of Canterbury.

The Beaney are also participating in our 5 year study.


  • The Paper Apothecary – Beaney HouseThe Paper Apothecary - Beaney House
    Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury, The Paper Apothecary, October 2012-March 2014 The Paper Apothecary (created by with artist performers Animate Arts) placed wellbeing at the centre of Canterbury’s museum and library, the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge. A full-size apothecary built entirely from paper, acted as a catalyst to create ideas for how The Beaney can engage in real ...

In an evaluation of the Happy Museum commissioned Paper Apothecary project carried out by People United, museum staff, participating children and community groups all reported higher levels of wellbeing after involvement in the project. Of the 6,729 visitors, some 37% said they felt ‘happy’ after their cultural treatment, while 15 % felt ‘very happy’ and 12% felt ‘inspired’.