Common Cause Foundation (CCF) is working with Manchester Museum to launch a new conversation across the Greater Manchester region about what matters to people, and their perceptions of others’ values. CCF research finds that conveying an accurate perception of the depth of concern that most people have for values of social justice, equality and environmental protection could deepen people’s commitment to becoming civically involved.

Now we’re looking for someone to help launch a new network to stimulate wide public debate about what matters to people living in the Greater Manchester Region. This network will be built collaboratively with Manchester Museum – which attracts 500,000 visitors a year and is in the process of a huge new development.

If you’re interested in applying, or otherwise would just like to know more about the approach that CCF and Manchester Museum are taking, find more online at the Common Cause website or do drop Tom Crompton a line at

This project partnership emerged from a session run for the Happy Museum 5-Year Study Group by Tom Crompton of Common Cause Foundation who introduced us to their research into human Values and Frames – here is a recent article about some of their work.