We’re delighted to announce that following our open call to the exisiting Community of Practice, we have commissioned new projects at Reading Museum, Manchester Museum and The Lightbox, Woking. The focus of the activity is to deepen our learning about wellbeing and the unique contribution of museums, consider the link between wellbeing and sustainability and stewardship in museums, and ascertain ways in which we can we effectively tell the story of what has been learnt and advocate for this approach in museums:

        •       Reading Museum will learn more about how government funded museums are relevant in the arena of well-being, social justice and environmental sustainability.  As well as investigating the ongoing impact of previous activity, the project will repeat its ground-breaking methodology, this time engaging the local community with emphasis on the town’s natural environment.

        •       Manchester Museum will create and publish a short “guidebook” with a working title of “the new rules of the playful museum.”  Aimed primarily at museums and galleries, the rulebook will be written with staff at both management and on-gallery levels in mind, as well as to their visitors.

        •       The Lightbox will invite the local community to give stories and photographs and objects connected with keeping old things, using them rather than renewing. The project will culminate in an exhibition supported by a programme of public events and workshops on the theme. The project aims to contribute towards change in attitudes and behaviour with respect to sustainability.

To learn more about the projects and the museum partners, please see click HERE.