Gave us a completely different perspective on how we think, and a framework within which we can actively curate and communicate to promote the shared ‘compassionate’ values of our visitors and volunteers – and their fellow citizens.  This is crucial in ensuring we remain true to our purpose”.

Happy Museum and our community of practice have been working for some time in partnership with the Common  Cause Foundation to support arts and cultural organisations to use a values-based approach to their work with audiences and communities.   Over this time we have held several workshops including one focusing on the role of values in addressing social polarisation .  Our Affiliate Manchester Museum have created a Discover and Share guide based on a year long collaboration.

We have now established a formal partnership with Common Cause with a view to extending our support for museums work in this frame.

The prospectus below gives more detail but in essence our partnership offers support for museums to:

  • Understand values, to build connections with the communities that these organisations serve
  • Help build community cohesion and heal divisions
  • Foster a deeper sense of place, and strengthen civic participation
  • Nurture and amplify public concern – and build public agency – around issues such as climate change, species extinction, or social inequality
  • And, by working in these ways, strengthen wellbeing across diverse demographics

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