People’s History Museum‘s manifesto, created as part of the FutureProof museums project, helps us to re-iterate our deep commitment to fostering a sense of community around the museum, to being authentic and brave, working toward a sustainable future for all. To the Affiliate Scheme we will bring an open mind, a sharing attitude, a generosity of spirit and a bag full of tools that we have used to create the museum we are today. We have experience of engaging responsively and directly with political events. We can share ‘warts and all’ learning from experimental participatory projects. We believe in the power of co-operation to create a better world. We want to learn from others doing similar (and completely different!) work. We want to develop our team, help them learn from best practice and foster a culture of innovation. We want our visitors and communities to benefit. We want to work collaboratively to help tackle the big issues that affect society, to meet like-minded forward thinkers who can develop how museums are best placed to do this within a turbulent and unpredictable world.