We’re delighted to announce that Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery, Bangor (GMAG) will join the Happy Museum Community of Practice as third round recipients. GMAG join 9 other museums and galleries from England and Wales who have been selected to show how museums can support the transition to a high well-being, sustainable society –  bringing the total of Happy Museum Commissions to 22. The programme is funded by the Arts Council England’s Renaissance Strategic support fund and CyMAL, Wales. Check back over the next few months to see the development of GMAG’s proposed project, which is outlined below:


Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery Bangor (GMAG), What’s Your Story? Using Technology as a Catalyst for Engagement and Ownership of Our Cultural Heritage


GMAG will partner with the Wales Centre for Behavioral Change in order to build upon a current theme in museum studies – the ways in which “museums can facilitate, and not just impart meaning” (Petrov, 2012). What’s Your Story? will use digital technologies to enable visitors to create their own audio heritage tours and to research the effect of these technologies on wellbeing. WCBC will create or adapt these technologies and test them with visitors at GMAG. The project hopes to impact the following: (1) The Agency of visitors over the exhibits; (2) Ownership and contribution to our national heritage; (3) Viewing artefacts from different perspectives; (4) Reciprocation and engagement; (5) Creating value through a visit to the museum.




Read more about our third round of funding.